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Yealm U3A

The U3A (University of the Third Age) is a national organisation for people no longer in full-time employment.

The Yealm branch of the U3A was formed in 2007, and is going from strength-to-strength. We now have over 200 members and 14 self-education groups.

Some groups meet regularly and some on an ad-hoc occasional basis. Most have a summer break. Some are entirely sedentary and village-based. Others are more physically active and involve outings. There are also occasional speaker meetings of general interest for the whole of the membership.
Devon Flues and Chimneys

South West Flues & Chimneys

South West Flues & Chimneys, near Plymouth, Devon, has long experience with all the chimney and flue types for Solid Fuel (fires or boilers), and oil and gas-fired boilers. We can build the appropriate chimney(s) and flue(s), or fit the requisite flue lining or chimney lining, to cope with your particular heating system. For example, woodburning stoves, multifuel stoves and gas or oil fire central heating boilers.
Faringdon Copiers Plymouth

Faringdon Copiers Plymouth specialise in supplying and maintaining first-class refurbished colour and black and white copiers, including multi-function copiers (MFC).

We offer comprehensive after-sales services to keep your copier(s) in tip-top condition and can also supply toner etc.

If you need to economise on your copying costs - we can help. If you need a colour or black&white photocopier for a limited time, we also offer short or longer-term hire of machines.
Heat Care South West

Heatcare South West - Boiler and Plumbing Services in and around Plymouth.

Are you looking for a professional, friendly service for all your central heating system requirements in the South Hams, Plymouth, Ivybridge, Kingsbridge and other areas of Devon and Cornwall? Look no further, Heatcare Southwest's engineers are here to help you.
Respirator Fit Testing
Welcome to Respirator Fit Testing.

Respirator Fit Testing is an independent company specialising in providing respiratory mask fit testing services throughout the South West.

We offer a professional, efficient service and utilise our extensive experience within the nuclear, building and other industries to ensure your compliance with legislation and industry best practice.

• On-site Fit Testing services
• Fit Tester training courses
• Fit Testing for all mask types: Full Face, Half Face, Disposable Masks, BA and SCBA masks
• Full range of sample masks available for test purposes
• HSE compliant reports and certification.
Worswell Barton B & B

Worswell Barton is a Farm with Bed and Breakfast and self-catering facilities situated in 600 acres of National Trust Land on the Peninsula of the river Yealm, South Devon, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by the South West Coastal Footpath.
Jonty Powis and Associates
Jonathan (Jonty) Powis is an independent underwater technology specialist, manager and operator with unique submarine command and broad operational experience of underwater operations in support of submarine escape and rescue (SMER). Having lead the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) he is now offering his unique collection of experience as an independent consultant in all aspects of underwater technology.
Yealm U3A

The U3A (University of the Third Age) is a national organisation for people no longer in full-time employment.

The Yealm branch of the U3A was formed in 2007, and is going from strength-to-strength. We now have over 200 members and 14 self-education groups.

Some groups meet regularly and some on an ad-hoc occasional basis. Most have a summer break. Some are entirely sedentary and village-based. Others are more physically active and involve outings. There are also occasional speaker meetings of general interest for the whole of the membership.

Quality Website Design - What we can do for you

High quality at reasonable prices! Our business helps your business with Internet Marketing: Websites, CRM technology, communications, logo and other graphic design - all with a Human Face.

With many years' Internet, Software, and Business experience we can talk with you about your objectives in Plain English. Just call or email us for free, no-obligation meeting.
Domain Name Registration and Hosting
Website and graphical design
Website software development
Updating your own site (Content Management systems)
Online ordering and selling facilties (eCommerce)
Getting Noticed (SEO)
Other Services
What does a website cost?
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Domain Name Registration and Hosting

We use large, commercial third-party registrar companies to do this. We try to find the best value offers on the domain name market and the only additional charge is for the small amount of time taken to accomplish this.

Similarly, with hosting your website, we use third-party commercial servers with high degrees of availability (better than 99.7%) and with tailored levels of service and cost - from basic value hosting, right up to enterprise hosting and secure (SSL) servers.

Website Development and Upgrades

A website reflects the business that owns it both in image terms and in what job it has to do: from a simple static advertisement with a map, right up to a large web-business with online ordering and credit card payment facilities.

What should my site look like? As understanding your unique requirements is paramount, we ensure that we listen to your business requirements, and your preferences. We then very rapidly create some initial ideas for discussion, and develop the favoured design to the next phase... read more.

Website Software Development

A website generally consists of "content": text, images, video etc., toegther with an interlinked page structure ideally allowing users, without any prior familiarity with the website or business to find and order items very quickly and easily - with the minimum number of mouse-clicks.

Developing this content and structure is the next step. This can be done from scratch using the look and feel designs from the previous stage or, we are happy to discuss with you how you existing site can be "freshened-up". For example, by making it less cluttered, easier to use, or perhaps one of our specialities: adding facilities to allow you to modify key parts of the content yourself.

Update Your Own Website

Do you need to update you site regularly, e.g. for news, events, blogs, offers etc?

Websites must not only be easy for Internet visitors to use, they must also potentially allow the website owners or operators to manage them easily. For example, to understand website traffic trends, and to change key content: adding latest offers, adding and deleting news items, changing prices, etc.

Our aim here is to provide you with these "content management" facilities so that, rather than always having to rely on the website designer, you can be in direct control of agreed key areas or your website. Of course, we are available to help if required.

Payments - eCommerce Sites

We can help with all grades of website that have online selling facilities. These facilities can vary from straightforward "please call to order" pages or PayPal, or using a (email based) order form, or using a full merchant system for card payments.

It really depends on the nature and state of your business which level you go for. At Quality Website Design we won't just sell you the latest all-singing all-dancing e-commerce site - as this may be totally over the top in terms of what you actually need. So we will discuss your expectations for the website, in terms of visitors, orders, order value, and the likely costs which the transactions will incur, such as online payment costs.

Rapid (or timely) order fulfilment following a customer purchase is critical - the so-called "back-office" configuration. These factors and many more influence what the implementation should be, and we can discuss these with you in an independent fashion to find out what's best for you.

Of course, we can help you in the evolution of your online systems so that they can grow, or change, in a timely way to match the success of your business. The key thing is that Quality Websites Design are business website engineers - we don't just install cheap packages, tailor them and pocket large fees - we work with you to help grow your Internet (and off-web) business.

Other Services

We can supply images - both video and photography - for specific items or areas for your site, so you need not worry about royalty payments, or dealing with multiple suppliers for your site.

If you require third-party software packages or tools (for example, Excel spreadsheets) to be integrated with your site, please enquire.

In addition, we can help with affiliate sites, blogs, RSS and other commercial feeds, and other web strategies - please enquire for details.


We have a number of low cost search-engine optimisation packages available so that you can tailor the profile of your website on the Internet according to your company goals and budget.

All our professional work comes with a certain amount of free support in the month following launch so that words or images can be tweaked once the site has gone live.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation, consultation.

Many people assume that once their website is launched, people from all over the world will flood in immediately and start buying things.

This is the ideal. In practice, there are many billions of webpages accessible on the Internet, many competitors with established sites and large monthly budgets, so that getting strangers and real customers to visit your site (not just friends, colleagues and family) is rather like getting people to listen to you in a full Wembley stadium with a match in progress. It may be easy to chat to the person standing next to you, but what about over the other side?

This is where the search engines come in, (the most popular, Google, now has around 50% of the UK search and advertising market) they act as a "public address system" in the stadium - making your voice heard far and wide.

We can help with the subtle business of ensuring your site gets good air time and your website, having been published, gets noticed and attracts the right busines.

It's not just a case of simply getting visitors or "hits" - the key factor is how many of these people press the "buy now" button or the "please send me more info" button. This comes down to the marketing psychology of the site and is not simply a technical or engineering issue. It depends on your products, how they are promoted, pricing etc. As business professionals, not just website designers, we can assist you with this process as well, and exploit our knowledge of the best technical ways to achieve marketing goals on your website.

How much will a new or upgraded Website Cost?

Quality Website Design (QWD) can quote for high-quality web design work based on hourly rates, or a fixed price for a well-defined piece of work.

We've also designed some lower cost web design starter packages or projects for first-time website owners.

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For more tailored professional web design work, please call us on 01752 873181.
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