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Dartmoor Way (Cycling)
The Dartmoor Way Cycle Route is a 95 mile-long circular route which winds its way around the natural beauty of Dartmoor National Park, linking hamlets, villages and towns along its length.

This recreational route takes cyclists through the varying landscape surrounding the High Moor, visiting attractive and interesting locations which offer a wide choice of places to eat, drink and stay for the night.

The well-signed Dartmoor Way Cycle Route follows quiet Devon lanes and minor roads,and uses traffic-free cycle tracks wherever possible.
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Detailed Finish Auto Cosmetics

Detailed Finish Auto Cosmetics - for all your Vehicle cosmetic repairs, inside and out!

At Detailed Finish AutoCosmetics, we offer quick, professional quality methods for cosmetic repairs, at a cost that is appreciably lower than conventional methods.

All our vehicle cleaning, valeting and repair processes use state-of-the-art techniques and products, ensuring the highest standard of repair - thus increasing vehicle values without the need for expensive part replacement.
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Devon Flues and Chimneys

South West Flues & Chimneys

South West Flues & Chimneys, near Plymouth, Devon, has long experience with all the chimney and flue types for Solid Fuel (fires or boilers), and oil and gas-fired boilers. We can build the appropriate chimney(s) and flue(s), or fit the requisite flue lining or chimney lining, to cope with your particular heating system. For example, woodburning stoves, multifuel stoves and gas or oil fire central heating boilers.
Devon Stoves

Devon Stoves

At Devon Stoves pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and also on our competitiveness on installation cost for wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. We may not have a high street showroom, we do however arrange, by appointment, to show our exclusive range of Woodwarm stoves. Please ring our office on 01752 402971 to arrange a visit.

As well as supply a Woodwarm stove we can also carry out the necessary flue and chimney works as well as fitting the stove itself. Please visit our flue and installation site for more details.
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Dolce Vita Hair and Beauty
Dolce Vita Hair and Beauty studio is situated in the heart of Peverell and was established in 2005. The salon is staffed with highly qualified professionals who have a wealth of industry experience that range from working on Cruise Liners and in several countries around the world to teaching and training the professionals of the future.
Doug Bennett

Welcome to Cannon™ Bars UK

The UK's premier site for the World's best chainsaw bars and saw chain!

You thought chainsaws were just for cutting firewood? With our chainsaw bars, you can become a sculptor - in fact many of our customers are! Look at the gallery and links pages for more information.

Of course, a chainsaw is also a working tool, and we also supply anything to do with chainsaws - new saws, saw chains, other parts, and repairs to keep you going.
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