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Faringdon Copiers Plymouth

Faringdon Copiers Plymouth specialise in supplying and maintaining first-class refurbished colour and black and white copiers, including multi-function copiers (MFC).

We offer comprehensive after-sales services to keep your copier(s) in tip-top condition and can also supply toner etc.

If you need to economise on your copying costs - we can help. If you need a colour or black&white photocopier for a limited time, we also offer short or longer-term hire of machines.
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First Fencing Ltd.

First Fencing Ltd First Fencing have 40 years of experience in the fencing and security industry and have carried out works such as: 20 miles of security fencing and safety railing on the Hayle Bypass Cornwall to a recent large contract for security fencing to HM Dockyard. All our fencing works closely follow all relevant British Standards and are Guaranteed.

We are always pleased to offer any help and advice on whatever size of project from new fencing works to emergency repairs to fences.
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Francis Hallawell

Francis Hallawell

Life’s a pitch. If you head up a business, success depends on your ability to persuade people.

What you say - and the way you say it - makes the difference between winning and losing.

Over 25 years I have helped 4,000 leaders achieve the results they wanted: in boardrooms, on conference platforms, in the media.
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