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Physics and Maths Tuition
Dr Phil Hughes MA (Oxon) MBA D Phil MIET MBCS C Eng : Tutor

Phil studied Physics at Oxford University, ultimately obtaining a doctorate in experimental High Energy Physics.

As well as being a professional scientist and engineer, Phil has many years' experience of tutoring and coaching students of a wide range of ages and abilities in Physics and Maths.
Plympton Chamber of Commerce

The Plympton Chamber of Commerce
has roots within Ridgeway, close to the historic Plympton St. Maurice.

It is a new organisation which has evolved to meet the needs of Plympton - based business.
Pragmatic Performance Group
Pragmatic Performance Group Ltd. (PPG) is the South West's leading business acceleration specialist for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

We have a vision that businesses should have delighted customers, motivated employees, confident leadership and the resilience to thrive in times of change. We work with SME owners and managers to stimulate business growth through allocating the appropriate specialists and approaches needed to match existing resources and future requirements.

PPG can provide different types of business development and assistance to SME owners and directors to achieve this vision.
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