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Marshall-Evans Restoration

Richard Marshall-Evans Restoration

Richard Marshall-Evans is one the foremost restorers of antique Furniture and ceramics in the West Country, restoring and repairing all forms of antique furniture, mirrors, glassware and tableware.

We are based near Tavistock Devon, and are very happy to view or receive restoration commissions from anywhere in the uk. We specialise in the restoration of fine antique furniture including Regency, Victorian, Georgian and Tudor furniture.
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MBTI South West

MBTIŽ in Business for Devon and the South West

It is well known that different people act very differently to similar events or circumstances. MBTIŽ is therefore aimed at exploring and understanding people's natural preferences for dealing successfully with differing situations.

For each person, the two parts of the MBTIŽ analysis - the questionnaire and the results of a separate in-depth discussion - are brought together by the MBTI™South West to enable the individual to identify their own preferences, understand the implications and their own potential for future growth.
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